Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I know I need to write about...

I know I need to write about the violence in Israel-Palestine; my experience doing peace witness there; white skin/Western privilege; Tristan Anderson's shooting last week; Tom Hurndall's shooting in 2003 (and death in 2004); and this week's anniversary of Rachel Corrie's murder, also in 2003.

But right now, I am too damned angry.

Please hold us all in the Light.

Christian Peacemaker Teams,
The International Solidarity Movement,


Elliott said...

yes to the anger being so overwhelming. I spent Monday working on poem linking Rachel's death to mountain top removal, since Caterpillar profits hugely from both crime scenes. It helped, but is always so not enough.

staśa said...


CPT has done some really good protest work at Caterpillar. Good public awareness work.

I saw a picture of a sign from one of the protests: "Tristan Anderson was shot by a bullet paid for by his parents' tax dollars." I wish, I wish, I wish more Americans realized why this isn't simply something that's happening halfway across the world, rather than our own backyard. I know I didn't realize that, until I followed the money.

Thanks for your comment, dear friend.

Shalom, salaam, peace...